Alysha Kyle

Worship leader, Songwriter, Artist

Alysha was born and raised in the small, rural town of Bancroft, Ontario. For as long as she can remember, music has always been apart of her life.

Alysha's hope for her songs is that they would lead people to a place of deep, personal encounter with God. That in coming before Him with a humble, teachable heart it will give Holy Spirit freedom to change us and cause us to grow.

Listen to my latest song

Great Expectation

In Romans 3 it talks about how my unbelief does not weaken God’s faithfulness. Not that I don’t believe he exists- but do I trust that he will be faithful even if things don’t look like I think they should? I’ve had to surrender a lot this year and learn how to get desperate for the Lord. This song is very much about what it looks like to find God on my knees and trust that his goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.